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I am a self trained and self made Software Developer based in Kolkata City in India, passionate about Programming and working on solutions to Problems involving complex R&D activities.

In some aspect or the other, my interests in Software largely relate to the Internet and it’s ability to communicate with and be heard by virtually everyone in the World.

I am a Perfectionist and try to excel in whatever I choose to do in life.

My Specialties:

I work on LAMP platform with AJAX, JSON using Object oriented concepts to provide faster, better, secure and feature rich web applications, solutions and services.

I have also tried my hands on Flex and delivered a Project Successfully.

During my Free time I had once developed a Freecell Game in Java using Applets and again using javascript and HTML for learning these Technologies.

I am Specialized in PHP/MySQL/Apache Development on Linux with skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML

I use Ubuntu in my Workstation and have experience in Linux Administration

Have excellent Programming skills in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON.

Besides Programming and Hard core Technologies I also have keen Interest and skills in SEO and Social Media.


I have a wide range of Interests including Accessories, Automation, Computers, Electronics, Gadgets, Graphic Design, Engineering, Heuristics, History, Internet, Machines, Mathematics, Movies, Music, Mythology, Philosophy, Physics, Programming, Puzzles, Science, Skepticism, Theology to name a few.


I was born, grew up and studied till 12th(1997) in Jhalda, a small town in West Bengal.

I left home for higher studies and to secure my career in 1997 immediately after 12th.

Since then I have lived in most regions of India with People from diverse cultural Backgrounds and am well familiar with most regional cultures of this great nation.


Kolkata September 1997 – April, 1998

I joined a coaching institute in Kolkata for JEE preparation,
I had always aspired for a career in Engineering.

Bokaro Steel City 1998-99 to 1999-2000

Joined BIT, Bokaro for Engineering. After spending around 1 and 1/2 years here, I realized my Life was not moving forward and my the foreseeable future didn’t seem promising. I started assessing other Options and started acquiring information on other Opportunities.

Bangalore (2000-2001 to 2003-2004)

I decided to enroll myself in a full time Course of BSc in Computer Science at PES College, Bangaolre.

I stayed in Bangalore for these three years with Bengalis, Assamese,
Tamils, Kannadigas, Malyalese and Punjaabis.

In my Final Year I appeared for various Management Aptitude Tests like CAT, MAT, ICFAI

I scored fairly good in these Tests with
Scored 98.47 Percentile in MAT 2002 December with 99.98 Percentile in Maths Section.
Was Ranked 50th in All India for ICFAI 2002

I appeared for GD PI for two institutes for Admission to MBA but was not selected perhaps because of my soft-spoken, and reluctant kind of nature and felt that Management was not my thing.

I completed BSc in May, 2003 and decided to try finding a job to become financially independent and to support further studies for myself.

Not surprisingly, soon I realized that a Bsc degree was not good enough to secure any decent Job.

I didn’t know much back then and had no real clue as to where I stood among millions of Young Graduates in this Country.

I decided to enroll for MCA in IBMR, Pune and to keep exploring for
Opportunities besides self assessment and Improvement in a gradual manner.

In January, 2004 I joined an FMCG Marketing firm in Pune named Alps Healthcare headed by Mr. Alok Birla to help the Organization setup a Corporate Website and to manage it’s Computing needs among other Contributions that I could offer.

Here, I got a Computer, The Internet Access and a Real World Problem to be solved.

I started to learn and understand the Technical know-how, Business and the IT Industry in general. Google was by my side to help me on this.

After some experience I was able to secure a job in a Company in the Software domain.

It’s been 5 Years since I started the Professional journey now,
and I believe I have achieved quite a lot for a person with my kind of Background.

I have successfully executed the Responsibilities I have been assigned to with efforts and results beyond the expectations of the Organizations/Individuals I worked with.

So, That’s me, if you would like to know more about me, know me, meet me or just engage in a Conversation with me leave a note/note here and I will get back to you.

You are welcome to join me at various Social media.

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