Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer Marketing Platforms

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Many marketing professionals around the world are looking for ways to connect more effectively with their audience. It is clear that most consumers trust the common consumers of their brands. In other words, customers have powerful and real power. Brands must adapt their marketing strategies to create a better experience for their audience.

We all know that the idea of ​​influence marketing (ganhar seguidores) is slow but constant. Unlike traditional marketing, most companies and brands want or need to be willing to invest the time they need to build real and real relationships with their influential people. The result is measured by the acquisition of new news, usually not measured in dollars or cents, but it is difficult to succeed without additional funding to support it. This is work, you have to invest time and money, in return, if your marketing strategy is very good, or you get more trust and more money, or if your marketing does not work you will fail.

Real marketing takes time and effort, and you don’t need to pay more attention to tasks such as event management and relationships with influential people, but you must be careful. The most important task is to find the right person, follow the activity and measure success or failure, but remember that failure will motivate you to work and be more motivated to succeed. . You don’t have to spend most of your time doing these multiple tasks, so the software is invented. If accounting tools can save you time to calculate your money, no matter how it focuses on how to increase your profits. These influential marketing platforms reduce administrative tasks, saving you time and preventing you from achieving your goals.

If you are unfamiliar with influencer marketing, these applications can be used as a preliminary step to gradually gain the impact of success and make it easier for you to get started. They can help you create powerful campaigns without hurting you

TapInfluence launched TapFusion in September 2015, an automation software that they charge as a commercial solution, featuring Target, Volvo, Lego and The Gap as their customer list. An impressive list of proof that your site has boasted the effectiveness of the platform. The software itself is more like an influencer market. Brands and agents have access to a vast database of software influencers. Those who meet with their influencers will work with them to define the appearance of the event at the time of release. Once a campaign is launched and activated in a global social media user feed, the software collects all relevant data for inclusion in its analytics and reporting engine. TapFusion is a very efficient platform, but it is not a platform for small agents or businesses. Sign up for a demo and display an automated email in your email stating that they need to invest $25,000 per quarter for a customer business solution. If it looks too big, it is not a solution for you. But if your budget meets this requirement, your $25,000 will be fine.

Speakr is not a software platform, but a platform, not an agent that combines brands with influential people. But that doesn’t mean technology isn’t the second idea. Every time you work with a customer, software appears, which is the deciding factor for your influence. Its network is made up of more than 20,000 social media stars who not only have great subscribers, but also demonstrate a constant commitment to a loyal audience. The audience is part of the requirements of one of Speakr influencers, and they must also be ambassadors in areas of interest to them. Speakr enables brands to connect and develop content at the same time. Speakr is not interested in potential. Speakr also lists a number of major companies and brands such as Verizon, Sony, Ford, Nissan, Disney, Microsoft and Universal Studios, as well as companies that have achieved results through the Speakr platform.

Traackr. No in-depth analysis engine and extensive network. Influential people, no influential marketing platform will be complete. The Traackr platform focuses on managing relationships with influencers because most companies recognize confident marketing channels. This is the main goal of the brand’s success in achieving “lasting influence”. Traackr allows brands to interact with influential people and their audiences to promote familiarity and generate authenticity and trust. Hewlett-Packard, Forbes, EMC, Intel and Travelocity are just a few of the big companies that have expanded their reach through Traackr.

Revfluence, a platform described as a “self-service platform”, has gained over 150,000 influential people on these huge social networking platforms (ganhar seguidores). This is a good choice for agents and brands who create their own home marketing campaigns. Revfluence focuses on content creation, the tool of the Creator Collaboration tool, which simplifies the process of influential people collaborating, integrating tools to create and manage each piece of content and then focusing on the progress of each campaign. Achieve and ensure a commitment to the public. The platform includes Quest Nutrition, Birchbox, Dermalogica and Scopely in the list of brands it displays. These may not be known names, but Revfluence helps them move to the next level.

NeoReach is a small startup that seems to want to define itself completely. They described their platform as “self-service marketing software for influential people.” In addition, they offer “managed campaigns” that design and run the entire campaign on behalf of their customers. Customers simply jump on their board and check the status of their campaigns.